Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All God's Children Got Shoes 

It would seem to me that one of the first items of clothing "invented" by man would be foot coverings. No matter where we live there is some bit of the terrain we would rather not walk on unprotected. We've come a long way folks. Shoes are a big industry, an emotional component of our life, and often a very sensual purchase. Lots of athletes have their lucky shoes, workers have protective shoes, we love our comfy shoes and who can forget babies' first shoes.

There are museums dedicated to shoes. A very large one is the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. Its collection of over 10,000 shoes features footwear demonstrating the history of shoes, ethnographic examples, special exhibits and events and their site now offers photos of the top winners of the International Shoe Design Competition 2000.

In Belgium Shoes or No Shoes brings you an ethnographic shoe collection and shoe art.

In the Netherlands, the Klompen Museum brings you a better appreciation of wooden shoes as utilitarian footwear and as art. And Ziln boasts a shoe museum as well. Crave a little history of footwear - click on Solemates: the Century in Shoes.

Can't visit foreign lands to indulge in your love of shoes? Virtual shoe museums can be found on the web as well. Try the High Heel Shoe Museum. Talk about a walk down memory lane. My first "grown up" shoes had stilleto heels. It's no wonder women my age have feet that make podiatric surgeons crow with delight. Lots of glam graphics on this site as well as links to sites selling shoe themed products (not terribly up to date I fear). And for those folks needing cross-dressing -- large sized shoes with links to sources.

The Virtual Shoe Museum offers all sorts of footwear eye candy. I guess I've been out of touch because I was surprised to find that one of the latest modes of self-expression seems to be charms for your plastic/rubber clogs. You can search for shoe images by all sorts of keywords including shoes used in furniture design, materials used, etc. on these pages.

Want to know what the "trendies" of the world will be wearing on their feet? Check out Y Trends They'll even design some kicks for you.

And if you need to keep track of all the shoe events and news, try the ShoeInfoNet

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