Monday, May 21, 2007

Coptic Textiles 

As I recently wrote, Egyptian textiles fascinate me because of their cultural diversity. One of the most prolific producers of textiles in Egypt have been the Coptic communities and workshops.

Very early on these artisans formed professional workshops and produced textiles for both the domestic and export markets. They produced export textiles in various styles to please their international customers and wove humble garments for their local communities.

The California Academy of Sciences, Department of Anthropology has a well presented site featuring their history and collections.

Click on the link to their Coptic Textiles Collection and you will find sections covering history of the Copts, weaving technology, stylistic groups, etc.

A good, concise presentation that makes an excellent introduction to these textiles.

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Remind me to take you to the local Rosacrucian Museum when you are here. They had some lovely coptic bits out when I was there last.
Great link Linn - just when I DON'T have time to get lost on a site ...sigh
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