Friday, May 25, 2007

Embroidery with a Story 

As the Fine Cell Site says, their embroidery products and commissions have a story. They are stitched by prisoners incarcerated in UK prisons or prior offenders who were part of the scheme while serving their sentence.

Their work is not just hobby quality however. These stitchers are trained to professional workshop level of skill by the Embroiderer's Guild and tutors from the Royal School of Needlework.

They are paid significant sums for their work and thus often avoid one of the worst problems faced by ex-offenders - inability to establish themselves when released from prison. They are also able to use earned funds to assist their families or buy items to improve their quality of life while in prison.

They undertake commissions and will even complete your WIP's for a fee. Get lost in the site, take a look at their quality work, read the comments by tutors, wardens, prisoners and customers and if you feel moved, commission a cushion and provide the funds to train an inmate in embroidery skills.


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