Friday, May 11, 2007

Math Made Beautiful 

It's been some years since I've taken a rummage around cyberspace to look at sites focusing on fractals. These images are the closest I come to thinking math is beautiful. I'm a concept and word person, not a numbers person. There are several sites dealing with fractals where there used to be just one or two. Take a look at a few of them and see if you can't be inspired to incorporate some of their features into designs or craft projects.

For a basic intro to fractals try Jim Tucek of Washington University in St. Louis' page.

For an deeper dive into the subject take a look at The Fractory Be warned, the site uses a dark background. I find dark backgrounds difficult.

Paul Bourke has some interesting images including an interpretation series he calls "Buddhabrot."

You can find automatically generated images at the Fractal of the Day site at Sprott's Fractal Gallery. If you have any red/blue lense glasses around you can get a look at their 3-D examples.

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