Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Medieval Tapestry - Another Fave 

One of my favorite textile arts is tapestry. Medieval, modern, traditional, shocking - whatever.

However, the medieval tapestries with their rich colors, big-screen costumes, gripping storylines set my textile antennae into a frenzy.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (my home away from home) has recently added a micro-site to their cyber world. It features some of the material from a 2003 Gothic exhibit which was extremely well mounted. I highly recommend the catalog of this exhibit.

This site is dedicted to tapestry weaving and is concise but also offers a bibliography and a links list that can take you further and further into the medieval world.

Check it out for a bit of information on tapestry weaving and to see a modern weaver's journey into early tapestry weaving techniques.

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Stirling Castle has a tapestry project underway. They are recreating the Unicorn Tapestries (the ones at the Cloisters since we wouldn't return them) - sort of. The scale is slightly different and there are a couple other key differences, but amazing all the same. Yes we were able to see them working on one of the panels. If you are interested go to their site.
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