Monday, May 21, 2007

Stitchin' in Shelbyville 

Now I live in a small rural community, think south of Nashville, and if I travel a few miles further south, I'm in Shelbyville.

Once a month the Shelbyville Satellite group of the Nashville EGA chapter meets for a Saturday of stitching and lunch. This is the sort of stitching in a group that I like. Very short on formal business (just enough to get by) and very long on stitching, friendship and good food.

This week we started on a group project we need to have finished by November. Christmas ornaments for a tree in a local bank. Each year a different local Shelbyville bank is chosen to have the use of the ornaments during the holiday season. This year's theme - snowflakes in blue, white and metallics. So, I get to stitch something besides a model. What a nice change.


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