Sunday, May 27, 2007

We've Come a Long Way Baby 

Sharon B posts about graphic arts found in Second Life. Gosh we've come a long way since we could first easily upload and/or exchange graphics.

I was a member of CompuServe back in the day and a sysop for one of the content forums (Fibercrafts). We originally moderated message boards using ASCII commands. Amazing!

CompuServe pioneered several communication gadgets for us ordinary keyboard enthusiasts. They made it possible to tap into SpryMosaic, Live Chat Rooms, the start of the social network. They fostered invention of the GIF format, and yes it is pronounced "JIF" folks.

On one of the anniversaries of the GIF's invention, I wrote a bit of doggerel for the inventors:

Oh GIF so sweet
Oh GIF divine
You show me yours
I'll show you mine.

Hooray for all the hours extremely talented folks have invested in making cyberspace so rich for all of us. It is hard to believe how far we have progressed in such a relatively short span of years.


nods. I got my BA in 1977 in Computer Science. ASCII art is fun. Computer Graphics didn't even exist -- and teh intarweb was only for DOD ...
Linn I still like ASCII art! sometimes I find it commented out in web pages (still) I delight in it -
love your little verse almost worthusing on a sampler!
Fibercrafts was such a wonderful community! I am eeternally grateful to you and the others there who gave the rest of us the courage to do 'our own thing' with designs, and then start to make our own.
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