Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And We All Came 

We all came to America. Some came earlier some more recently. Along with us we brought cultural baggage including foods, crafts, dress, language, superstitions and all sorts of other bits and pieces.

Many groups have, over the years, founded cultural museums, libraries, fraternal groups, etc. And now, increasingly, these groups are establishing an online presence. sometimes very sophisticated, sometimes more humble, but almost always interesting.

For a look at Croatian heritage visit the Croatian Heritage Museum and Library pages. The museum located in Eastlake, Ohio mounts exhibits from time to time. One of their past exhibits was textile themed. It centered around the linens a bride might take as a dowry to a new home. A Dowry of Linens and Lace gives us a glimpse of what a traditional bride might have in her wedding chest.

The site has an extensive links page. If you are researching your Croatian heritage there are links to every sort of resource. Also there is a link to regional Croatian costume.

The entry page to the costume links (just click on any region for a look) has a band of folk embroidery that might have come directly from early modelbuchen.

The Bizovac region photograph boasts beautiful black on white embroidery and the headresses of Pag are reminiscent of mediaval headwear.

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