Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bayeux Revisited 

Every once in a while someone comes out with a book about that monumental embroidery, the Bayeux Tapestry.

The battles go on concerning who stitched it, who commissioned it, how it ended, and all the other questions that plague us when we simply have no good answers about the history of a textile.

R. Howard Bloch has written a general overview of the history of the embroidery, the technique of the embroidery, the social and military history of the events depicted and adds a sprinkling of trivia. A Needle In The Right Hand of God (ISBN 1-4000-6549-6) Check around, there are discounted copies available.

For instance, do you know why the official keepers of the embroidery insist on continuing to use the term tapestry when we all know it is a work of embroidery?

Read the book and find out, but I do suggest you have at your elbow one of the other publications about the embroidery which has larger illustrations.

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