Sunday, June 10, 2007

Done, Finished 

It's been four years since I've published a new book/booklet. Nothing since the Knotwork Alphabet. It seems as if I had a great many starts that had approached finish when I hit the disabled list over two years ago. Then the world seemed to stop.

I've had in mind for some years a series of books dedicated to the various early printers of modelbuchen. A look at the patterns in their books that are readily stitched as counted thread designs.

The first one is finished. Twenty-one bands from Hans Hofer of Augsberg's New Formbuch’len of 1545. I've used software not previously available to me when preparing diagrams of double-running stitches. It is cumbersome but does the job. So each band has a black and white chart, a color coded chart, black and white stitch diagrams and colored stitch diagrams for any side journeys a few tips and tricks and a bit of text around the edges. 30+ pages of hard work my friends.

I sent the first 6 beta copies off to Catherine Kinsey for sale in her merchant stall at Lilies. Anyone who gets them will have unique copies because I've found a few page numbering wonkynesses which have not been corrected. Anyone owning one of those six copies who wants to trade it in for a tweaked copy in the future is welcome to do so. Linn's rule - you always find the little mistakes after the first batch has been printed and after you've proofed the master at least a dozen times. At least as a self-publisher, I can sit right down and fix them myself.

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Hurrah!!! thank-you!!!!
Ohh I knew the one I got at Lilies was a new book, but I didn't realize it was that new.

I've not noticed the wonkyness yet. But if it is just page numbering I think I can deal with it.

I've only paged through it quickly once so far, but it looks to be a lovely book and I am very excited to try the patterns out.
The charts are all okay. Just a case of repaginating a few pages and moving things a bit right or left here and there.

Let me know if you want to swap out that early copy - postage paid by me.
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