Sunday, June 03, 2007

Don't You Hate It? 

Don't you hate it when you are at or near the end of a big project and it all goes wrong? Or nearly all.

Working like mad on the new book and using new graphics. I thought I had them nailed, but they look like rubbish when printed in their final size. Gosh the screen lies to you. Okay, sorting them out slowly and re-coloring all of them.

Then I found that I missed even creating a couple of detail charts....BIG OOPS.

Off to bed. Back to work in the morning.

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Yesterday was bad printer day. Not only did mine look like garbage dumb printer ran out of ink just as finished. Printer trojans were at work around country.
Sorry for you cause I know yours was important.
OUCH!! OUCH!! OUCH!! Hope it is merely a colour profile problem and not that the photgraphs have to be taken again
Worse than photos. StitchWiz diagrams which had to have new custom colors developed in Paint and then had to be recolored. And one was wonky and one was entirely missing. That's why I always recommend walking away from any project and coming back for a final look weeks later. Your mind has been cleansed and you don't glide over mistakes as easily.
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