Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting Ready 

In a week I'm off to Chicago to meet up with friends and have a museum day and some plain old sightseeing. I've been through and around Chicago many times, but never settled down and had a few days to experience the city. I'm sure I'll have adventures to relate.

Then it's on to Kansas City to meet with a group of stitchers who have kindly booked me as a tutor for the last few years. This year we are working with silk shading. Using soft, lustrous silks like a painter is an experience to tempt the senses. The silks arrived from the distributor today and I sat about this evening getting them all sorted and into kits. Silk ground fabric is ready to cut as well as muslin backing, needles here ready to get into kits, artists' transfer paper arrived.

All ready to finish kitting up and sending off to Catherine K. who is organizing the event.


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