Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In the Spirit of the Past 

As Americans, a country of immigrants (if recent research is correct even our "native" Americans are immigrants), we often yearn for connection with our mother country or mother culture.

I've long been interested in seeing how embroidery styles, techniques and aesthetics adapt to a colonial life. America, India, various Central and South American countries, South Africa and other African continent countries, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries have been swept up in expansionist periods of world history. Religion, mercantile ambition and political agenda have often played a role in colonization.

At this time a project is being pursued at the Plimoth Colony site in America. Embroiderers are gathering in workshop setting to stitch a ladies jacket very reminiscent of English costume examples still available for examination.

The site, The Embroiderers' Story is worth a visit. If nothing else take a look at the excellent articles and stitch diagrams by Tricia Wilson Nguyen.

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