Friday, June 22, 2007

Seriously Outdated 

I know I don't keep up with all the latest fiber news, but I did think I had a firm handle on what linen is. Plant growing with nice long stalks, fibers released by soaking in water and beating forcefully, spinning, weaving (maybe dyeing). Nope folks, I learned today that linen is 65% polyester and 35%cotton. I walked into Hancock Fabrics and asked for dress weight linen. I was sent to several bolts labeled "Linen" and under truth in something or other rules, sub-labeled with the cotton and polyester information.

Excuse me, I don't think so. I feel a hissie fit coming on. One of the few things I miss in TN is the LA Garment District. Oh Levine's or F&S, couldn't you please open a TN branch?


At least they didn't show you to the 100% polyester linen.


And if you complain, they'll smile nicely and explain to you that linen is a WEAVE


Well, google's gotten messed up. *sigh*

It's me, Susan.
Wow, the mind reels. I never imagined linen with no linen content at all.
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