Thursday, June 07, 2007

Visit Often 

Museum sites with extensive textile collections merit return visits from time to time. Many of them are working very hard to offer information and images for the online visitor.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is a great example. They have expanded their online offerings greatly since my last visit. Their Textile Department offers 4385 works for your delight. Be sure to click on the More Information tab for full curatorial notes. Some objects have reverse images available and detail photographs. You can Zoomify some textiles and except for one exception I found the zoomed details extremely clear and sharp. Another interesting feature offers you the ability to interact with the department by suggesting labels/tags to help others find items more easily.

I managed to skim the thumbnails and listings for 500 items and to delve into far more than I should have - given my current time constraints. Some of my picks so far:

Embroidery from an altar frontal: Coronation of the Virgin. Exquisite Or Nue Italian, 15th Century. Zoomify and detail views available.

Altar Frontal: Scenes from the Childhood of Christ. Zoomify and detail views of front and reverse available. 16th century c.1500. France/South Netherlands - woven tapestry

Embroidered Panel, Italy, 16th 17th century

As usual, I waive all responsibility for your getting lost at this site.

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