Monday, July 23, 2007

Bootstrap Learning 

My business was a "bootstrap" startup for sure. Starting small and finding creative ways to grow that cost very little in the way of cash outlay. This sort of patchwork of a business model can create a rather tattered pattern from time.

A good deal of my technical learning has had to be bootstrapped as well. Working with inexpensive software and hardware, upgrading when possible and learning skills along the way.

It mostly is developed when the need arises. For the new book I'm working on, I needed to create a graphic (a photo) in a round shape. Ummm How to do it with existing software. Finally on the official Microsoft Publisher site I found some tips for tools I'd never used before in the program.

Now the trick is -- Don't overuse the twiddle just because you can use it. That sort of stuff gets old fast. How I wish many folks had never learned how to use some of the flash bang stuff they crowd onto their websites. I'll try to restrain myself.


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