Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boring, Boring, Boring 

If I subscribed to the newish Twitter thingie and posted incessantly about my daily activities lately, you would be bored to very big tears.

Yes, I'm working on web pages and thanks to looking for a book I've done a good bit of tidying up on the bookshelves (as well as dusting).

I've not spent much time surfing but here's a link to a site that may interest you.

Maryann Corey and Patty McGeary founded The Portable Playhouse to fulfill an important need. They wanted to bring crafts to children and found that hospitalized kids needed distraction, loving attention and a sense of accomplishment.

They developed a program for volunteers to take high quality beads and beading supplies to hospitals and treatment centers and work one-on-one with children to complete a small beading project.

There are hospitals on the waiting for volunteers and you can also contribute some funds to help sponsor their efforts. In any event, a good idea and a good read.

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