Friday, July 13, 2007

A Little Off Topic -- Or Not 

Considering my previous post about not tossing the beet pickling liquid until I got another use out of it, perhaps not too far off topic.

I was raised by grandparents and parents who lived through the Great Depression in America. It colored their lives, and consequently my life, forever. I'm a firm believer in use up, re-use, re-make, darn it, fix it, re-cycle it. When it comes to crafts, I can't see a plastic thingamajiggie without thinking what I could use it for to give it new life. I adore thrift stores/charity shops and don't tolerate waste lightly. (Don't laugh Catherine) I just jettisoned a stack of charts in Kansas City because they had the old address on them and I didn't want to pay to ship them home. Catherine kindly promised me that they would find a new home.

So, I have been hearing the story of the son of a friend of a friend, Colin Davis, with great interest. I also get very excited about folks who believe passionately in a cause and act on their beliefs and Colin is doing just that. His Ride To Sustain adventure may seem a bit like tilting at windmills using a bicycle as his trusty steed but with enough young people who believe, who knows what is possible? Give his site a little visit and give Colin a word of encouragement if you are so inclined.


Using pickled beet juice to make pickled eggs--and they come out so pretty--is a time honored tradition. I'm pretty sure my father's never thrown out any pickle juice without pickling something else in it!
Anna - a great tradition in my family as well. We also tend to put some thin slices of sweet onion in with the eggs. Good on your Dad!!!
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