Monday, July 09, 2007

Reading at the Computer 

These days I read craft magazines and needlework trade magazines differently. I read them at the computer.

Not only are the articles usually of interest but the ads are a treasure trove. Virtually every manufacturer, designer or distributor provides website information.

Here are just a few from a read of a trade magazine CNA . They all have project pages, articles and tips to tempt both adults and kids.

Hygloss Products Craft projects suitable for kids and adults. Instructions using common materials as well as their specialty products.

Sakura of America Makers of Gelly pens and Pigma Pens as a particularly good look at visual journals with their Dan Price Notebooks pages.

American Art Clay Co. Offers craft projects and lesson plans that are aimed at arts teachers but suitable in many cases for homeschool projects or summer crafting.

SoftFlex Specializes in beading wire and beading projects. Their School of Design section offers projects, tips and even wedding accessories.

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