Sunday, July 08, 2007

Software for Everything 

I can remember when the only way to chart any sort of needlework was to use draw and paint programs and very tedious it was.

Now we have software for every kind of needlework endeavor. I found a new one the other day (thanks to SCAToday.)

Technology with the help of a clever crafter has found card weaving. So if you are into card weaving or if you just want to be gleefully amused by seeing a pattern emerge everytime you give the program a little nudge - toddle on over to The Loomy Bin and take a look at A Card Weaver's Studio.

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This is great! Once I'm set up at the new house I'll have to start card weaving again.

As far as the patterns go - I have been looking thorough old mags, and am horrified at the patterns I used to have to work from. The new programmes are not only a lot easier to design with, but the results are SO much easier to work from as well.

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