Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You Derek! 

Some years ago I was involved in several projects dealing with needlework copyright infringement. My involvement eventually resulted in my offering testimony to a House Subcommittee concerning piracy of intellectual property using internet resources.

I realized at the time that I was rather a "token witness" to try to balance the perception that sponsors of the legislation were merely promoting the interests of major players in the entertainment industry. That testimony closed my efforts on behalf of the needlework industry, but I was pleased today to see that my testimony lives on in the work of young students who will hopefully shape our future.

For a glimpse of current thought, have a look at the Kansas State University (my parents' alma mater by the way) and their Engineering Honors Student Journal, Spring 07 for Derek Woodman's article Modern Piracy.

Thank you Derek for keeping the interests of needlework designers in print and hopefully, of interest.

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