Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Webbing, webbing, webbing 

As many of my readers know - my webpages are sadly out of date and haven't been properly updated for umpteen ages.

We're working on it and actually are seeing some progress. No, nothing uploaded as of yet but layouts roughed in, graphics being found, new graphics created, new items added, redundant items tossed in the rubbish.

Stuff needs done to complete the task. For instance -- one of my alphabet books has never sold well. I admit it's not very glamorous. It's simply several rather quirky alphabets from samplers held by British museums. I use these alphabets frequently in designs and allow (with permission sought) other designers to use them as well. Well, some designers have a bad habit of not asking for permission but when their floss knots for at least 10 years maybe they'll realize I've invoked a medieval stitching spell for wicked snitchers.

I think it may do better if I have a stitched model of at least one of the alphabets, so I'm stitching away on an alphabet firsst stitched by Ann Phipps in 1721. Stay tuned for the final model.

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