Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back to Work 

Nothing like a bit of interesting research to kick start the blogging.

I'm in the midst of a research project exploring embroidery/needlework done by prisoners. In a search for some specific quilts, I found the Australian Quilt Register - a wonderful online resource.

WARNING!! Be prepared to become lost in reading all the stories of the quilts.

While there I turned up information to add to research notes on one of my heroine embroideresses - Elizabeth Fry, the Quaker prison reformer. Do read about the Rajah quilt stitched by women prisoners aboard a convict ship bound for Australia.

More about Elizabeth Fry another day.

Then I had a strange thought. Why not create some ATCs honoring favorite needleworkers? If I can convince a few others to make up some sets as well we could gather in a very special collection.

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Oooh... I like the ATC idea!
and you said you weren't feeling brilliant! We have 5 people already for the ATC class :)
Thanks for the link, I'm sending it on to mother. KS did a quilt registry several yrs ago but I don't know if any of it went online.

And this reminded me of a book I read about another ship of female convicts sent to Australia. The captain brought several bolts of linen on board for the women to sew shirts from, which he then sold whereever they made port. Never mentioned if the women got paid :).
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