Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Little Projects 

A little progress here. Finished up a promotional flyer for the new blackwork book and have finished most of the text for the new Sajou/Victorian replica book. The website goes forward at a snail's pace.

It's been hot, hot, hot around here. Our local farmers are struggling. We had a very hard frost in April and are in the midst of a terrible drought. Farmers are selling off their cattle herds because not enough grass was harvested to feed them and it is not practical to buy feed for the winter months. That is a real dent in a family's budget because those cattle are the cash crop for the small farmer here. The deer have been very sociable lately however. Young fawns and even a teenaged buck munching in the next field lately.

Kids are back in school now and I took advantage of the Tennessee tax free days this past weekend to stock up on a few bits and pieces. Paints, sketch pads, markers and the like. No sales tax on the weekend on clothing and this year on many art supplies. It is meant to help out families putting together the supplies for THE LIST of stuff students have to take to school these days. When I was a student we had far less sophisticated art supplies, but they were furnished to us. A few pencils, a few pads of paper, our schoolbooks and a pot of paste along with the standard Crayolas would get us a long way.


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