Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Books 

At last, the first books of the two new series are finished.

My research leads me to rather obsure modelbuchen and I chart a lot of the double-running designs from the originals into computer design programs to produce charts and stitch diagrams. I will be publishing a series of books focusing on the work of the early (16th-17th century) publishers.

The first book features the work of Hans Hofer of Augsberg, Germany (1545) . This edition is cataloged in Professor Lotz' s bibliography as Lotz 18.

The second series of books is drawn from my personal collection of Victorian pattern books which we often lump together under the misnomer of "Sajous". Sajou was not the only publisher of these little booklets although they were prolific producers.

I've chosen as first in the series a little booklet whose publisher is unknown but believed to be German in origin. It is a tiny little red book, hence the title of my book "Alphabets From A Little Red Book". Each chart has been digitally reproduced and a modern chart created as well. I've included the doodles that an early owner of the book pencilled on the original pages as well.

Now to get the catalog updated. If anyone lusts for a copy before they appear in the catalog and the shopping cart, let me know and we'll get them out to you.

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