Monday, August 27, 2007

Very Little Space Given 

When Sharon B. brought Germaine Greer's latest art vs craft article in The Guardian to our attention, my first response was "don't give the twit any blogspace" but I guess I should comment briefly.

Not much space is required because Ms. Greer has no credentials as a judge of craft or quilting or possibly of the "fine arts". So her opinions amount to merely the "I saw something and I personally didn't like it" sort of remark. No need to give it much thought or any authority.

Now, I know next to nothing about automobile design, and I certainly don't know whether a specific example is "good design" or "bad design". I can merely offer an opinion as to whether a particular automobile appears aesthetic pleasing, convenient, well constructed to me. I can't offer any sort of an expert opinion on the subject and have no intention of offering a judgmental opinion on same.

So, Ms. Greer - sorry you didn't like what you saw. And shame on you for judging a discipline you don't understand. Next time, just say "gosh I didn't like it." Bad use of a bully pulpit there.

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Well said Linn - its just a pity that such a powerful voice does not understand textiles and textile practice
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