Monday, September 24, 2007

It's a Small Friendly World 

The other day Sharon B. kindly reviewed some of my books on her blog, In A Minute Ago. One of her faithful readers, Allie Aller then ordered a few books from me (they're on the way Allie) and shared her blog info with me.

What a nice blog it is too. Allie's In Stitches gives a real glimpse into the life of a quilter, gardener, stitcher, liver-of-life.

Reading her blog and the entries about her Quilts of Valor reminded me I needed to change my shopping cart a bit. I do offer free shipping to folks who live at an APO/FPO but after reading Allie's blog, I added shipping to VA Medical Centers, Rehab centers or Domiciliaries. The majority of my health care is thanks to my local VA Medical Center so I know how much it means to vets to be remembered day after day after day -- not just on national holidays.

So we've completed quite a small friendly blogging circle.

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