Wednesday, October 03, 2007

London at Last 

Moline was wonderful. I did miss meeting up with my friend Kim McCool but I'm sure I'll be back that way again. There is much to see in the area and I barely got a whiff of the history that abounds in the Quad Cities Area.

Again, many thanks to the chapter members for their hospitality and to Cindy Valentine for a preview of her upcoming designs. When designers who are truly professional get together, they throw aside the issues of competition and freely exchange excitement, ideas, inspiration and encouragement. I came away with a good dose of enthusiasm administered (and fond membories of one of the best hamburgers I have ever tasted).

It was home to Nashville to meet my longtime friend Judy B. at the Nashville airport and drive home. It was a mad, mad day putting together orders on Sunday and putting them out for "the guy in brown" to take to Cindy for distribution.

Then back on the plane to Newark and a rather long wait for the London flight. Judy B. found one of those rare treats in airports these days ---- a block of seats without arms. That means I can stretch my creaky back out and catch a snooze between flights.

Good flight to London and an incredible wheelchair pilot at Heathrow. Michael is a US Civil War re-enactor (in a Confederate artillery unit made up of Brits). He informs me there were over 200 British volunteers fighting for the Confederacy during the conflict. We have only to remember England's trade ties in the cotton industry to see why. He has visited the US several time to participate in events and will be at Gettysburg next summer for the entire battle.

Then on to our hotel, the Byron and crashing for recovery. Judy B. is a gem and after she walked over for a visit to Kensington Palace laid in food for me and then crashed. She is undoubtedly dreaming of all the geocaching she is going to accomplish while here. I guess the GeoCoins with travel bugs amused the TSA folks as well as her GPS unit.

Off to the V&A tomorrow to see what is closed, what is open and what has been transformed. We'll report tomorrow on the good the bad and the ugly on that scene.

Signing off from London

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