Thursday, October 18, 2007

Queens Sampler 

Here we are, home again from London. I did accomplish some design work while away. After some hours at the V&A I was inspired by several 17th century samplers to finish charting the whitework bands on a long standing UFO - a thistle sampler in 17th century style which is a companion piece to our Beds of Roses sampler. I only have to finish up the model, write a few instructions and Bob's Your Uncle -- a new sampler for everyone to stitch.

By popular demand, I'm working on a sampler honoring the long suffering wives of that Royal Scamp, Henry VIII. All the bands done save one and then it's model stitching time and putting all the history together for the pattern booklet. Watch this space. Only Katherine Parr to finish up.

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Absolutely cannot wait to see the Queens of Henry sampler!!! Hurry up and finish it, won't you!?
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