Saturday, November 17, 2007

California, Here I Am 

Well gentle readers, I'm back in the state I called home for many years and it really does feel comfortable.

A trip to the markets to look at the beautiful produce here has me wanting to dance down the aisles twirling a shopping cart. How big, how plump, how fresh, how colorful and SUCH variety. Don't get me wrong - I really adore my new state but wish we had better truck gardening there.

Off to teach ATC class tomorrow. Robin and I sorted out all the various goodies we will be using in class and gosh I think we are going to have heaps of fun. We're going to try out, amongst other things, the Kreinik iron on fibers I've had sitting around for ages unused. Watch this space for a complete report.

Then off feasting tomorrow evening. Historic garb all pressed and at the ready.

Off to bed now - big big day tomorrow.



Love your website! Have a happy feast day tomorrow, Best wishes, Janet in British Columbia

PS Time for me to try something beyond cross-stitching!
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