Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Little Elizabethean Eye Candy 

Isn't embroidery wonderful? You get to admire really beautiful STUFF!!!

Here are a few bits for you - or in TNspeak y'all.

David Claudon's Elizabeth I Transformations remind us that paper dolls are not new. Is anything really new under the sun. We merely re-interpret don't we?

For a comprehensive look at images of Elizabeth I, lose yourself in this portrait page.

Thanks to Racaire I spent far too much time pouring over images of early gloves posted by Katherina.


I am also very thankful that she started a blog recently and shows her work and research now at the i-net :)
I had the most enjoyable Sunday morning sipping coffee, looking over the portraits of Elizabeth I and reading about her life. Thanks for the links and your post. Melinda
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