Sunday, November 11, 2007

Off to see the good, kind witch 

I've been a little quiet lately as I put some hours in preparing for my great West Coast Adventure. I need to be prepared for 4 different teaching experiences, but the best of the trip is the opportunity to spend time with my friends Robin and Will. I love visiting a home where one can get up or go to bed when one pleases and nobody seems offended, where you can toddle over to a cupboard and make yourself a dish of instant oatmeal for breakfast, or swipe a slice left over from last night's get together.

A home where nobody feels they have to entertain you but just allows you to take in the pleasurable aura of your presence and have some good food, some great conversation and feel comfortable doing nothing at all that might be deemed socially responsible. In my day that was known as "hanging out together". I have no idea what the present preferred phrase is, but you get the picture.

So three more days of prep time to do the last minute of tweaks on stitching stuff to take with me, put some clean clothes in the suitcase, cancel delivery of the newspaper and hit the road again.


We are looking forward to your coming. The room is ready and waiting -- even kitty cat approved.
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