Monday, November 12, 2007

The Season has Turned 

How do I know it is now officially fall? Not by the change of time or the calendar.

Last night was my first night in 2007 under The Winter Quilt. Now you understand this is not a pretty-pretty frou-frou quilt. It is as heavy as a horse blanket meant for Vermont. It has all sorts of bits of pieced blocks made from discarded wool clothing, is filled with a wool blanket and backed by striped grey heavy-duty flannel.

Maybe I should call it my Go To Meeting Quilt. I know my great grandmother who pieced it and assembled it used family member's clothing scraps and the unworn parts of their church/funeral going-to-town clothes to make it.

I wish I could tell her how much it is appreciated, how well it's worn and how I think of her when I snuggle into it.

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