Thursday, December 06, 2007


Robin B. writes about creativity and Sharon B. is challenging many of us to think and then produce in a creative mode in 2008.

There are several kinds of creativity for me. Yes I make samples/samplers but they aren't any pretty, pretty, pretty sort of thing. Usually just a ravelly bit of fabric (first bit to come out of the scrap box) and a bit of thread to try some stitches or a group of threads to try against a particular fabric to determine effect (color, cover, etc.)

Visual journal - well yes, but again everything from bits of stuff pasted down from magazines, photos, etc. These are more and more likely to be pdf files and photos and sketches of all sorts of bits of stuff in a computer folder rather than a hold-in-the-hand journal. I do carry about a small daybook sort of notebook with me for jottings. The one I have in my bag at the moment tells me I've help save rhinos by buying it. I really bought it because it is a handy size, cheap and has a snap in ruler (very handy when out and about and wanting to know the size of something).

Design - several sorts. If it is for a commercial market then it has basic parameters having to do with the crass bit of making a profit. No I don't design and market stuff I hate, but I do set myself goals depending on what I think will sell. I'm often wrong in that department. When someone figures out what stitchers want will they kindly let me know? I would be ever so grateful.

Off the cuff creativity often comes from a single trigger. It might be a color in nature, a bit of fiber, a fabric, a memory. Sometimes it comes with Robin's method of having lots of bits scattered about and playing with them. Folks seldom see those bits unless I'm exhibiting them (a rare occasion). Some of them turn out okay, some fairly exciting, some are humdrum and some are rubbish. The trouble is, if you don't allow for the chance taking that sometimes turns out rubbish, the exciting stuff never happens.

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