Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joy of the Season 

I was lucky enough yesterday to be invited to the home of one of my fellow Bedford Co. stitchers, Linda M.

She modestly invited Libby and I to stop by her home to see her needlework ornament tree. Believe me, that was merely the tip of the iceberg. Her tree adorned with a multitude of stitched ornaments reaches nearly to the ceiling and seeing all of the canvaswork, perforated paper, cross stitched, hardanger, smocked, knitted and crocheted ornaments was an absolute delight. As well as stitching many of the ornaments herself, Linda who is an avid member of both EGA and ANG had participated in several ornament exchanges which netted her a wide assortment of work by skilled stitchers. We were able to see the duplicate of the ornament Linda stitched for the White House one year when the call for TN crafters to contribute to the national tree reached her. We were charmed by her recollection of the special visit to see the TN stitchers' ornaments in place in Washington.

But wait, leaving their family room, she led us to her living room and a look at another tree covered with glass ornaments of every sort. Everything from pricey designer ornaments to exquisite handpainted ornaments made here in TN.

Then it was on to her stitching room with a very special teddy bear tree. It would be impossible to describe the many sorts of bears she has collected for this tree. You could visit many, many times and always see something new.

Do you think she left a bathroom out of the mix? No way! Its countertop sports a traditional feather tree full of perfectly proportioned ornaments. This is a tricky task when decorating a smaller tree. You must keep the size of the ornaments in control or you wind up with a right mess that offends the eye. No fear in Linda's house.

But wait, there is more. After 9/11 Linda was inspired to create a patriotic tree and she has done it well. A real celebration of energy and pride. All a riot of flags, flag ornaments and red, white and blue spirals agains the backgroound of white poinsettas and white ball ornaments.

Don't fear that Linda has completed her collection. We also saw the window that will frame a new tree next year and heard of the theme and colors chosen. But, mum's the word. An artist needs some privacy to create before revealing the results.

Linda certainly demonstrates the Joy of the Season.

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Wow, sounds like a lifetime of stitching and collecting for Christmas ornaments. It must have been absolutely gorgeous to see!
Hi Linn I just swung by as I wanted to wish you a happy new year and say I tagged you on my blog for the "you make my day award". Hope you dont mind
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