Friday, December 21, 2007

More Kooza Creativity 

Robin has elaborated further on our circus experience at Cirque DuSoleil's new production Kooza and the fun we had making some bits to send along with the program to Sharon B her daughter Eve and dh Jerry (a circus appreciating family if ever there was one).

I don't normally splash out for slick promo programs at events but this one was especially for Eve. Then as Robin relates, when the clowns began shooting streamers at the crowd from a huge shiny cannon, we claimed all those within reach as found objects and took them home to play with.

I did a quick little ATC with strips cut from the streamers to remind me of all the stripes of the costumes worn by the main character mime performers. Added the show name in glitter glue and smacked on a few sequins and a little cord to capture a bit of the glitz.

Check Robin's blog for a trifold she made with more of the streamers and bits of marker fun with some cutout bits.

The show was great but we kept on saying we wished our OZ friends were there as well.


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