Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More West Coast Fun 

What a treat to go "under the bigtop" for a circus. Cirque du Soleil's latest production Kooza
took me back to my childhood when circus was up close (even though there was no sawdust to smell). The colors were spectacular, the costumes sophisticated and although the production had plenty of sound and light, it missed the sometimes too glitzy atmosphere of many of the company's indoor/Vegas productions. I came away to have dreams of swirling colors and precision feats of fantastical difficulty.

Then harkening back a century to the time when needlework was taught in schools, I joined the San Mateo EGA for their Christmas luncheon and shared my collection of plain sewing samplers with them along with some photos and comments. It was a lovely group and included some old friends as well as new faces.

After that it was home in time to stitch up an ornament for my satellite stitching group ornament exchange and to cut up a few sandwiches for lunch with the ladies. The tomato chutney from the Pacifica Farmers' Market was a big hit.

Now a few more things to do for Christmas and work on the next books and the website. Gosh when you work for yourself the boss can be really tough.

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