Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh My Gosh 

What a few weeks. I've been a little absent around here - but then again, maybe nobody noticed.

Let me see. Argument with printer. I finally won. A little wonkiness in the health department, visit to dr and punctures by needles, think I'm on the right path now. Big order to get off to Nordic Needle for one of the new books. Grateful for the order and finally shipped. Finally caught up with other orders. Preparation for teaching class at my guild, Cheekwood Chapter EGA. We did a day of blackwork and had a lot of fun. Finding out about need to move soon so hunting new accommodation. In the works.

Other than that - nothing happening around here!!! Details later. Watch this space.


of course we missed you! glad you are feeling better. Sharon B tagged you a couple weeks back so you need to follow up (yes I'm a nudge :)
Hope your health is much better and that the potential move goes well. As the saying goes: 'it never rains but it pours'
I noticed !! (((Linn)) I hope you are feeling better and your search for a new home is successful and satisfying !!
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