Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oldies but Goodies 

The Embroiderers' Guild (UK) has uploaded several articles from past issues of Embroidery to their site.

They include quite a few illustrations and this is a good place to gather a few articles by the great and good of embroidery.

I'll download some articles from those issues I don't own but I have a yearning to hold the oldies in my hands. Amongst other activities, I read the ads for books I NEED and pick up quite a bit of of a feel for what was popular in the day by reading product ads. The letters to the editor are always a good read as well. I just finished re-reading a copy of the Summer 1965 issue as it came out of the box and found an interesting letter concerning the issue of early quilting history as "depicted" in an illustration found in Schuette. Hmm!! always something to tease my imagination.

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