Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take It Further - May 

I've been thinking a good deal about Sharon B's May challenge to take it further.

One of the ways I try and make sense of what I do is by defining what ever it is, as clearly as I possibly can. I think most people do that. The way I see it is if you can’t talk about what you do, or haven’t taken care in how you think about what you do, how do you expect others to respect the way you spend your time? Or how do expect people to respect what you make?

OK there is a few questions in the passage above but this month the challenge question is what do you call yourself and why?

Answering the question is easy. I'm an embroideress. But how to convey that concept in a finished design. I want to demonstrate a continuum of skills achieved, techniques explored, phases finished and ignored - you get the drift. It struck me how evocative a patchwork quilt is. If you've worked on it yourself or had it made out of family fabric scraps, every patch brings back a memory. So, my present plan is to scan and print on muslin (calico in some worlds) images of some of my embroidery from childhood, through life right through to present projects. I then plan to cut patches from these fabrics and hand piece them and add a bit of quilting. I thought of a nine-patch but have just about settled on a log cabin. Perhaps a bag made from the final project.


have you seen the lap rug with "bag" built in - you just fold it away into itself. you could also use the bag to hold the current project. hugs, S
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