Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anticipation of Needlework Fun 

Thanks to two awesome women, I'm going to be able to attend the upcoming IEC (International Embroidery Conference) in Louisville next month. I had not anticipated the ability to participate so not only will I be able to spend time with two inspiring friends but we'll be awash in a tidal pool of needlework.

This is a conference that more nearly parallels the UK model of AGMs in that it focuses on exchange of ideas rather than learning of technique. The BIG picture. Although National seminars are good fun and a way to surround onself with lots of enthusiastic stitchers, IEC fits me like a very comfy shoe - but a shoe that sparkles and dazzles and threatens to waft one to new approaches and paths of inquiry and introspection and a chance to sit in a corner and be inspired.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stealth Street Crochet Art 

I don't crochet. Well, a little bit - but not enough to really know more than the difference between a double and a single.

What a hoot to see the work of these stealthy crochet artists though. If anything might encourage me to ply a hook, this would be it.

Check out Microfiber Militia, but get ready for a good giggle.

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Fun! I'm going to Chicago next week... I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some graffiti :)
Thanks for posting this. I live in walking distance of a lot of these places but have never noticed them. I will keep my eyes open for them. Chicago has a lot of artwork on its sidewalks. This year, student fashion designers have made short evening gowns that are displayed on every block on the main street in the downtown area. I think I will photograp them and post them on my blog
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Difficult Year 

2008 has just been one of those "difficult" years that cycles through all our lives from time to time.

Lugging heavy books and furniture around during packing and unpacking has aggravated the portion of my poor old arthritic spine that hasn't been chipped and chisled at so that it earned me a few days in the hospital and some weeks in bed unable to tap a key to blog because my fingers just refused to cooperate.

I also found myself carless and having a big case of the blahs....

But these things can be fixed, or at least improved. One endures surgery and recovery, one puts by a few pennies for the next car and firms up a new five year plan for contentment.

One loss is more difficult however. I lost a friend, needlewoman and designer, Nancy Sue Havener. Nancy Sue who published her designs under the name Graceful Lily lost her battle with lymphoma yesterday and she will be missed. There are no surgical replacements for friends and no coin can replace them.

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I am sorry to hear of you loss. I know what it feels like to loose a friend like that. ((hugs))
Linn I am so sad to hear that you have a lost and friend and life has been treating you roughly. Ihope things get better for you - chin up and I am thinking of you
Times of transition are always hard, but I think more so as we add years. Loss is the hardest change. {{{{{hugs}}}}} Looking forward to seeing you in Sept.
Boy do I ever understand. I am in and out of the hospital every couple of years for spinal problems. I, too, am always adjusting that 5 year plan. Perhaps we both are called to live a life of pain.
I had the pleasure in getting to know Nancy Sue Havener and watching her do her craft in person. I was her oncology nurse for many years and she was always so pleasant and we had the most interesting conversations. I have to say I missed seeing her come to the Cancer Center,she was always such an inspiration to the other patients. I remeber when she talke about taking her last trip to Europe...if she should go or not. I encouraged her to go and enjoy. When she returned with gifts in hand for me and her other patient friends she had said it was one of the best trips she ever had. She truly was an amazing person. Tracy A. Cinalli RN OCN
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