Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anticipation of Needlework Fun 

Thanks to two awesome women, I'm going to be able to attend the upcoming IEC (International Embroidery Conference) in Louisville next month. I had not anticipated the ability to participate so not only will I be able to spend time with two inspiring friends but we'll be awash in a tidal pool of needlework.

This is a conference that more nearly parallels the UK model of AGMs in that it focuses on exchange of ideas rather than learning of technique. The BIG picture. Although National seminars are good fun and a way to surround onself with lots of enthusiastic stitchers, IEC fits me like a very comfy shoe - but a shoe that sparkles and dazzles and threatens to waft one to new approaches and paths of inquiry and introspection and a chance to sit in a corner and be inspired.

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