Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy 

Oh gosh, something has given me a raging case of hives. I'm reminded of my youth and the weeks I suffered through a case of the measles. We had childhood diseases in the 1940's my dears.

Mom sat by my bed for hours to keep me from scratching. She read countless books and stitched on a project from McCall's - their cross stitch pheasants design. It was iron on transfers in those days but she made a special trip to Salina to get what was known then as "church linen". Some of the finest stuff you could stitch on. She used DMC threads which were the high end fibers in our neighborhood (those came by mailorder).

I have her original notes and the charts and the embroidery which has suffered some thread loss over the years. It will get restored and reframed and go to one of my sisters one of these days.

A sad ending to the measles story was although I recovered, I infected mom who was in a graduate program at Kansas State and she couldn't teach or report to her research project lab for several weeks.

Needless to say when I came down with a case of chicken pox, she recruited my Aunt Nadine to care for me. Mom paid dearly for being of the generation before many vacines were available but unexposed to various childhood diseases in her youth.


Oh, ouch!!! That itching is so uncomfortable- but it *is* an excuse for long, luxurious baths!

Hope you fell better soon!
soooooo sorry -- hope they clear soon, hugs,R
Hope all the childhood 'itches' don't find their way back. I too have a cross stitch pheasant, framed yet. Must have been the 'in' pattern at the time.
I just ended up with chicken pox - for the second time, and no idea where it came from. These childhood diseases are awful - my mind turned into pudding for two weeks. BTW, the doctor says I had a very light case.

I wonder if someone can help me. I'm looking for an embroidery tool which I figured must exist 'A Common Thread, a French movie where 2 women work on an embroidered/beaded piece - I very much want to know which gizmo they were using??? I've been looking for just such a gizmo for ages and so far get blank looks. I figure it must be at least similiar to a pulled rug gizmo but it would need to be fine for silks etc.
Can anyone help me please?
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