Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Answering Queries 

I often get queries from folks who seem to know I love needlework trivia and have a decent library of needlework and art books in which to delve for answers. I always try my best to help out on questions with the exception of the "tell me everything you know about blackwork" sort which I like to think were sent out of naivete and not general laziness of the sender.

As with any other discipline, it helps to have a few "ready reference" sort of core books with which to start one's quest.

When it comes to needlework, I have two favorites which I heartily recommend:

The Larousse Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques by Gay Swift ISBN 0 88332 365 6

and The Needleworker's Dictionary by Pamela Clabburn ISBN 0 688 03054 8

And every once in a while, someone wanders over to my wish list at Amazon and sends a nice little pressie my way in the way of a thank you.

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Thanks for the references- will put them on my wish list!
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