Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fond Memories 

I've had a couple of recent orders from Aussie stitchers and it's caused a regular flood of fond memories of my one visit to the country that is a continent.

I had a bit of windfall money a few years ago so I offered an all expense paid holiday to my sisters. Billie wanted to go to Australia, so off we went. We landed in Sydney and shocked the natives by driving up to Brisbane and Gladstone along the Pacific Coast Highway. We then spent a few days in paradise on Heron Island and returned to Sydney along the New England Highway.

As well as great food and wine and spectacular scenery we were enchanted with all the folks we met. We never met an ungracious or unhelpful person during our adventure and we were not on the "tourist trail" where folks are trained to put up with weird strangers in polite fashion.

So beginning at the great bang up Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel Pub to all the small motels and beds and breakfasts along the way we had nothing but unadulterated fun. Then it was back through Sydney and a few bugs at a posh restaurant down on The Rocks to say goodbye.

I want to come back someday and take some of the monumental train treks, I want to go to Alice, I want to see the west coast and Tasmania and Canberra. Spending two weeks in Australia is like having only a lick or two of an ice cream cone before it's taken away from you.

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