Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hopeful, but cautious 

I don't always discuss my health in public. I came from a long line of women who dictated that three subjects were not fit for public discussion (1) your health (2) your wealth (3) your religion.

What a nightmare my last few years have been. From April 13, 2005 until yesterday I had not one day without unremitting, excruciating back and hip pain as well as recurring bouts of anemia and more recently hives that left me crazed to say the least.

A multi-level laminectomy fixed the severe spinal stenosis but I was left with hip pain. The MDs in their infinite wisdom concurred that this was "post-laminectomy syndrome" and advised me just to do what you can and here's a scheduled drug prescription. Your chances of any improvement are "zero."

After a recent trip to the ER after I kept falling to the floor as the room spun around and some labwork indicating treatment for another bout to anemia was indicated I managed to treat the problem with some simple iron supplements and I solved the hives problem by process of elimination and taking the offending medication out of the mix.

I was then left with the hip pain and I suspected all along that I probably had an arthritic hip. NSAIDs have now dealt with that pain and I can't tell you how great it is to look forward to waking in the morning and getting things done.

My loyal customers have certainly put up with a lot during this four years and I'm busy now filling current orders and then will try my best to make sure any other orders are taken care of. If you have an order pending and have not heard from me in the next 7 days, do let me know and I will now be able to take care of the problem.
All I have to remember now is to practice moderation. Muscles and nerves that have been virtually bedfast for four years need to recover gradually.


This is certainly good news.
This is wonderful news. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your continued improvement!
That's good to hear news! Slow and steady and you will gradually find your way back! As you know, I've "been there, done that".
Hugs Linn! Glad you are getting things figured out!
Wooo Hooo! I know what relief from hip pain can mean. So very happy everything finally aligned for you.
Be patient and do your exercises to get back the muscle tone in your hip/thigh.

FWIW, Arthritis Canada has a lot of helpful information on exercises for pre and post op exercises (see http://www.arthritis.ca/tips%20for%20living/default.asp?s=1), as does RealAge.com (see http://www.realage.com/default.aspx). Besides appropriate exercise, the thing that I have found the most helpful/useful has been developing a mindfulness meditation practice based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Good luck in your jurney into renewed good health!
I"m glad that you're feeling better!
I hope things continue to improve - I want our old Linn back!!! Thinking of you
Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear you finally appear to be on them mend.

Take it easy. Work up to things!
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