Monday, February 09, 2009

Japanese Beauty 

Since 2005 I've stitched one Christmas ornament. Full stop, that's all folks. In good moments I've read needlework books and in those terrible midnight hours of despair I've watched criminals make their pleas to parole boards and fat brides being stuffed into $6,000 wedding gowns.

BUT - some of the books I've had time to properly read and think about for the first time have been an absolute delight. SO, if you will bear with me, I'd like to share my thoughts about some of them with you and take you along on the journeys some of them sent me on.

One book I've just finished properly reading cover-to-cover is a book I've had for several years but I'd previously only taken in the beautiful photography and a few bits of text.

The book is Japanese Crafts and Customs, A Seasonal Approach ISBN 4-7700-1687-5 A sympathetic collaboration by Kunio Ekiguchi who designed the 43 projects for this publication and Ruth S. McCreery who contributed the accompanying essays.

The photographs of seasonal foods and flora as well as the completed projects is oriental elegance and the line drawings and instructions are practical and encouraging with projects for the novice as well as accomplished crafters. Amongst other things there are a rather whimsical chrysanthmum pincushion and thimbles made of fabric.

Although you might not want to plunk down the cost of this book for your personal library, it is certainly an excellent recommendation for a local library purchase, a school library or a guild collection. It delves far more deeply into the Japanese culture, psyche and aesthetic than most other offerings.

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I actually found plenty of copies out there for $6-9. Original price $17.00.

Where do I search for books? www.addall.com
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