Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh To Be in Parma 

If I bought lottery tickets and if one of them was a winning ticket, I'd be in Parma, Italy May 8-10 (and undoubtedly a few extra days) for the 2009 Forum Italian Invita

I'd be taking a workshop; I'd be examining antique textiles; I'd be engaging other embroidery history addicts in discussion and I'd probably be spending far too much on stash.

AND can you imagine asparagus season combined with excellent Parma ham. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Not this year folks but perhaps the next forum in 2011.

I have a copy of the publication produced by the 2005 forum -- Merletti e Ricami Italiani, Italian Laces and Embroideries. ISBN 88-89262-06-0 Done in side-by-side Italian/English with excellent essays by topnotch experts. Lots of beautiful photography of antique examples derived from modelbuchen and new examples stitched for the forum using a small group of first printing modelbuchen. They have included early lace examples as well. Eye candy enough to send my eyeballs into diabetic coma.

The book is worth what I paid, but it seems you can obtain it from the group's website at a much more tolerable cost.

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I will buy a lottery ticket too and if I win will shout you coffee in Italy - Oh would I love to do that
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