Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shopping From Our Stash 

Times are tough for many of us now. The national economy sags, jobs are lost, overtime pay disappears, our retirement income shrinks and none of our Euros, Dollars or Rupees buys as much as they used to. So, what to do? One of the best things to do is shop from our stash.

It is the rare person amongst us who doesn't have a few bins, bags and boxes full of needlework supplies as well as charts and magazines full of ideas. So let's make good use of them. Maybe we don't have the exact fiber or fabric called for in a commercial design -- this is a good time to learn to improvise. Put together a color array from the fibers you DO have. Make the design a bit smaller or larger by using different ground fabric.

Take up crazy quilting where you can use all sorts of bits and pieces or adorn some clothing with those glam fibers and a little bling scattered around.

AND most of all, share your tips and tricks with the rest of us.

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