Friday, May 15, 2009

Before AC 

It's getting warm enough here that if I didn't have air conditioning, I would be setting aside any wool fibers or bulky projects.

Just as we used to eat foodstuffs in season, we used to put down unseasonable knitting, crochet, quilting, stitchery or crafts of any sort during the height of winter or summer.

In warm humid months wool yarns and fabrics tended to make us cranky. In the winter months, they brought us comfort and an extra cuddle and comfort. Nowadays we have lost that very real sense of time passing and indulge in any sort of project any time of year. Well, except for those who live surrounded by "real weather."


There's nothing like getting stuck to embroidery bibs and bobs, coz *everything* is sticky

Megan, Australia, no air conditioner!
No A/C in this house except the bedrooms- so all the wool still gets put away for the summer.

Good to see you posting again!
ahhh but you have some cotton and some soy for knitting - not so hot as wool and still something for the hands. don't think I'm taking my wool spinning since it is supposed to be 85+ next weekend -- hugs
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